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Over-the-Air TV Antenna 


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Over-the-Air TV Antenna 

Written By: Rich Reynolds 


Hot Glue gun & hot glue (1) 

Shears (1) 

Stapler Gun (1) 

Wire cutter/stripper (1) 


matching transformer (1) 

Step 1 — Over-the-Air TV Antenna 

Weak or No Signal 1 Am 

Check the antenna cable 1 1 ^£~J|I»*Tj! 

• My wife LOVES the Summer 
Olympics. However, we don't have 
cable. I need to find a way for her 
to be able to watch. Of course, we 
could just get cable... but what fun 
is that?! 

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Over-the-Air TV Antenna 

Step 2 

• You will need the following 
materials: 1 aluminum can, 
something to mount the can to (I 
used a piece of scrap wood), coax 
cable and, most importantly, an 
impedance-matching transformer 
from RadioShack. 

Step 3 

• First, start by cutting the soda can in half the long way with tin snips, or shears. 

• Mount these can halves to something to keep them in place. I used a staple gun to hold 
them to a piece of scrap wood. 

• I also attached a small-gauge wire to the inside corner of each half. This will be a pain. I 
had trouble soldering this part, so I sanded off the coating from the inside of the can, and 
folded the wire into the corner and hot-glued it down. It works pretty well, but I feel a solder 
joint would be better. 

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Over-the-Air TV Antenna 

Step 4 

• Next attach each wire to a lead on the matching transformer. I bought this transformer at 
RadioShack for $6. 

• I also attached the matching transformer to the wood with an elastic band, not fancy at all. 

Step 5 

• Finally, attach the new antenna 
with a coax cable to the back of the 
TV. You will probably have to run a 
scan for channels and make sure 
you have the TV set to "AIR." 

• I have to admit mine works really 
well. We now get about 8 channels, 
all local. The picture and audio are 
great! I even have the antenna set 
up in our basement family room, 
which has no windows or anything. 
Here is a picture of the TV 
displaying the local weather. Not 
too shabby for less than $10. 

• Now the wife can watch the 

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